“BACA is a brand that is pure California, through and through. We are high quality without the pretense, carefully crafted but also playful. BACA celebrates creativity, drives exploration, and inspires discovery. Life is an adventure, here’s to those who drink it up!”

Jennifer Brown, Vintner, BACA Wines

Jennifer BrownJennifer Brown
Why Zifandel

So let’s drink wine.

Let’s laugh with hearty abandon. Let’s cheers to a day well worked and a night full of stars. And, above all, let’s have fun. 

We’re always up for an adventure.

Here at BACA, we’re big on embracing the moment. On living fully and wonder-filled. We have a hunch you do, too. So sip some BACA, take in today, and try to solve our puzzle. It just may surprise you.

A little bit of fun – that’s what BACA is all about.


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